Online Presentations

MR3 Network Webinar on the NICHD NOSI for Research on Rehabilitation Needs Associated with the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dr. Theresa Cruz, Director of the National Center for Medical Rehabilitation Research, will introduce the NICHD Notice of Special Interest for applications of research on rehabilitation needs associated with COVID-19 and discuss what this notice means for funding opportunities. Representatives from each of the MR3 Centers will give a brief presentation on the resources they provide that can support your efforts in developing research to address these needs. This is a FREE event for all, so please register to attend.

Medical Rehabilitation Research Resource (MR3) Network

December 4, 2020

LeaRRn Center launches webinar series: Using Health System Research to Revolutionize Rehabilitation Care

LeaRRn center will open its new webinar series, "Using Health System Research to Revolutionize Rehabilitation Care," with a presentation entitled "Essence of the Learning Health System" by Charles Friedman on October 27, 2020. 

Learning Health Systems Rehabilitation Research Network (LeaRRn)

September 28, 2020

NC NM4R Transcranial Focused Ultrasound (tFUS) for Neuromodulation Workshop, October 1, 2020,

What is needed before transcranial focused ultrasound can become a clinical rehabilitation technique?” tFUS is a non-invasive form of neuromodulation with the ability to target deep structures. The use of tFUS is an emerging field of study with questions remaining around the use of tFUS to safely treat neurological and psychological diseases in humans. This online workshop will feature presentations and discussion on the topics of tFUS principles, safety, combined modes of neuromodulation, and the use of tFUS to treat pain and disorders of consciousness.

National Center of Neuromodulation for Rehabilitation

September 25, 2020

NC NM4R Introduction to Neuromodulation for Rehabilitation Workshop, November 16 through 19, 2020

The purpose of this workshop is to introduce a range of concepts of Neuromodulation for Rehabilitation and give skills in basic TMS, tDCS, and operant conditioning of motor evoked potential. neurophysiology.  The Intro Workshop will be offered online November 16 through 19, 2020.

National Center of Neuromodulation for Rehabilitation

September 25, 2020

NC NM4R Spinal Cord Plasticity in Motor Control Meeting, December 1 and 4, 2020

This symposium will focus on the role of activity-dependent spinal cord plasticity in motor control and motor learning in health and disease. The topics addressed will include: spinal cord plasticity during motor learning and in response to trauma and disease; interactions between brain and spinal cord plasticity; physiological and anatomical mechanisms underlying spinal cord plasticity and its impact on behavior; induction and guidance of plasticity in spinal reflex pathways and in corticospinal connections; activity-dependent neuromuscular plasticity; therapeutic applications of spinal cord plasticity; and related subjects.  The meeting will be offered online December 1 and 4, 2020.

National Center of Neuromodulation for Rehabilitation

September 25, 2020