These MR3 Network Centers offer access to databases and datasets for investigators engaged in medical rehabilitation research.

MR3 Network Member Description Link
REACT REACT offers a list of internal and external national clinical databases that are useful for clinical trials subject identification, data linkages to planned trials, or nested studies within existing cohorts. They can be made available with permission from the PI and through sharing agreements with the responsible agency. REACT Center Clinical Databases
CLDR Rehabilitation Dataset Directory assists rehabilitation researchers in identifying potential secondary data sources. It provides basic information about large administrative and research datasets. Users can access dataset summaries including basic descriptions of each dataset and "full profile" views that provide a wealth of additional information including sample size, population, as well as data strengths and limitations. There are also links to more documentation and information on dataset access. Rehabilitation Dataset Directory Search
Rehabilitation Research Cross-Dataset Variable Catalog provides variable names, labels, survey questions, response categories and other related variables that can be exported into an excel spreadsheet. The tool is designed to provide an overview of rehabilitation related information available across multiple datasets. Refer to the dataset's codebook/dictionary to guide actual analysis. Rehabilitation Research Cross-Dataset Variable Catalog
Archive of Data on Disability to Enable Policy and Research (ADDEP) provides access to disability and rehabilitation related data. With input from the CLDR, ADDEP will continue to find ways to improve and facilitate collaborative research opportunities for investigators, policymakers, and practitioners by providing access to existing disability and rehabilitation datasets for secondary analyses. Data Sharing & Archiving